Friday, November 27, 2020
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B’luru Police Officers Pose As Customers, Arrest Truck Driver With 110 Kg Ganja

Bengaluru: On Friday, the Bengaluru police department apprehended a truck driver and seized 110 kg of marijuana from his possession.

The police officers tried to contact the drug dealer, posing as customers looking for a large quantity of marijuana.

In the wake of getting the police team runaround, he, at last, came on a video call and asked them to show money if they actually wanted such a quantity, the police did what he said only at that time he chose to meet them, the police officer told reporters.

As per the Rajgopal Nagar police, the accused has been identified as Shivakumar otherwise known as Shiva (27), a resident of the Chikkaballapur area.

They seized 17 kg of ganja from him, however, a raid at his home in Chickballapur uncovered that he had another 93 kg of the illegal substance in storage. Altogether, 110 kg of ganja was seized.

Police said that the accused used to move marijuana hidden in his vegetable supply truck from Chilkkaballapur to Bengaluru, which is 50 km afar.

A senior police officer included that Shivakumar’s business was to visit places like Hyderabad, Tirupati, Vijayawada, and Vizag to get ganja from there and store it in his home in Chikkaballapur.

On one such trip, he became close acquaintance with a man in Tirupati from whom he used to purchase ganja at a low cost. He would sell them in little quantities in Bengaluru and Chickballapur.

The police team had placed an order for almost 17 kg from him.

“We were stunned to see the way he had managed to store it in his house. It can only be done by after gaining a lot of experience as a professional smuggler,” the police stated.

Recently, The Thadagam police apprehended a man for trying to smuggle 10kg ganja in a vehicle. A team of police drove by Thadagam sub-inspector Dhamodaran and special sub-inspector Vijayakumara Guru that held a vehicle check No 24 Veerapandi – Mangarai Road had halted the vehicle which led to his arrest.