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Brave 14-Year-Old Cycles 35 km to Get Injured Father to Hospital

A 14-year-old girl in Odisha’s Bhadrak demonstrated extraordinary determination when she pedaled a trolley rickshaw for 35 km to transport her injured father to the district headquarters hospital (DHH). The incident, which occurred on October 23, gained attention when local residents and journalists spotted the girl, Sujata Sethi, near Mohatab Chhak in Bhadrak town.

Sujata, hailing from Nadigan village, initially took her father to Dhamnagar hospital, approximately 14 km from her village, after he was injured in a group clash on October 22. However, doctors at Dhamnagar Hospital advised her to shift her father to Bhadrak DHH. Undeterred by the distance, Sujata pedaled the trolley for an additional 35 km to reach the district hospital on October 23.

Despite her efforts, Bhadrak DHH doctors suggested she return after a week for her father’s operation. Sujata, lacking the resources for private transportation and without a mobile phone, explained, “I used my father’s trolley to bring him to the hospital.

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Upon learning of the situation, Bhadrak MLA Sanjib Mallick and former Dhamnagar MLA Rajendra Das stepped in to offer necessary assistance. Bhadrak Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO) Santanu Patra confirmed the patient’s admission on October 23, stating, “We have no provision for an ambulance service to return the patients home. He will remain in the hospital until the end of the treatment.”

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