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Canada Relocates Diplomatic Staff from Delhi Amid Tensions

Canada has confirmed the relocation of some lower-level diplomatic staff from its High Commission in New Delhi to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore over the past few weeks, amidst ongoing tensions with India.

Although the Canadian government has not officially commented on the evacuation, government sources verified to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that lower-level diplomatic staff have been moved from Delhi to Malaysia and Singapore.

The decision to relocate diplomatic staff from Delhi is reportedly not directly linked to India’s recent demand for Canada to reduce its diplomatic presence, which set a deadline of October 10 for the evacuation of 41 Canadian diplomatic staff in India to achieve parity in staff numbers. India has threatened not to grant diplomatic immunity to those who remain beyond the deadline.

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Canada-India relations deteriorated after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mentioned credible allegations of a potential link between government agents of India and the killing of pro-Khalistan Sikh hardliner Hardeep Singh Nijjar during a House of Commons address on September 18. Nijjar, wanted in India for terrorist activities and leading the Khalistan referendum vote in Canada, was fatally shot in June in a parking lot at a Surrey gurdwara in British Columbia.

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