Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Citizens gets frustrated over Covid-19 protocols at Banks

Following the outbreak of Covid-19, the government has imposed several protocols to arrest the spread of infection and wearing a mask all the time whenever stepping out from home is one among them.

However, the citizens more appropriately the old age people in the city, who are putting up with the restrictions for over three months are now appeared completely exhausted and are openly venting their frustration over the way the covid-19 protocol is being implemented especially at banks.

“We were asked to wait outside the bank premises for hours, use a mask, wash hands with sanitizers, and even explain the reason before entering into the bank. Despite all, they are not allowing more than one person inside the premises. We can’t go for online transactions all the time due to recurrent power cuts. Going to bank these days mean ending up into an unpleasant situation only to return back in repugnance,” informed Nayeemuddin.

“I had approached the local bank at Charminar Yesterday along with my 65 years old sister, who also has an injury in her right leg, to settle a transaction related issue. She can’t move a single inch without my support as she was hefty with a paining leg. She is carrying the mask on her face while I was covered mine with the plastic cover. However, an employee at the bank’s door did not allow me to get inside stating that people without masks are not allowed inside the premises despite noticing that the lady with me can’t even stand on her feet for a minute,” bemoaned Syed Muneer.

“It is only when a visitor offers me an extra new mask, the employee of the bank allows me inside the premises. By the time the lady with me had to suffer a lot. The banks should provide masks to the customers especially the senior citizens in emergency cases if they are really serious about arresting the contagion,” he contended.

“Customers have to wait for hours in the banks to withdraw their own money. Server down and power off, sometimes purposefully, is the best excuse the staff shows to get the customers away from the bank. It is utter regrettable for the customers to have an account in state-run banks here in the city. This is the reason people are opting to move on to private banks,” bemoaned Mohammed Imaam Tahseen, President Account Holders’ Association (AHA), Hyderabad.