Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Congress slams TRS, BJP, MIM on GHMC polls

Hyderabad: Congress leaders Revanth Reddy and former MP Madhu Yashki Goud today hit out at the BJP leaders and the TRS for their rhetoric on city development and failure to keep promises. 

He accused the BJP of failing to give funds to Hyderabad during floods and creating religious problems in the crucial GHMC polls.  The KCR government failed to keep old promises they alleged. 

The congress did more development and the TRS claims they fumed.  They are one and the same as they failed to give funds for city flood victims and spreading hate,  they fumed. 
The KCR government did not give 2 BHK to the poor and could not check encroached areas caused floods.  The people seek change and Congress will do work for development and address local issues.

Union ministers Shah,  and others create panic by visiting  Bhagya Lakshmi temple they felt.  KTR has failed to ask KCR on the GHMC development they charged.  Congress regime gave Rs 700 cr to GHMC which is in debt now due to lopsided policies.  Congress will fight for city development. 


source (NSS)
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