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Controversial ‘Razakar’ Movie Teaser Sparks Mixed Reactions in Hyderabad

The teaser for the film ‘Razakar’ was released in Hyderabad to mixed reviews. The film says that while India attained independence on August 15, 1947, Hyderabad did not, and it strives to emphasize alleged a volunteer paramilitary force during the Nizam’s rule, against the people of erstwhile Hyderabad.

Some citizens and political officials have expressed relief that the film will be published, while others have expressed concern about the possible harm it could cause to law and order, as well as its portrayal of historical events. Some have accused the film of instilling hatred and distorting history.

The Razakars were a paramilitary group linked with the nationalist party in Nizam’s Hyderabad state. They were founded in 1938 and grew greatly after India gained independence. Following Hyderabad’s accession to the Indian Union, their leader, Qasim Razvi, was imprisoned and eventually offered sanctuary in Pakistan.

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