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Despite heat wave, city witnessed no run for water woes this year

Though the summer season squeezing the earth viciously, the voices of water scarcity are yet not echoed from anywhere in the city this time. Thanks to excessive rainfall last year that cramped almost all the reservoirs in and around the city thereby ensuring adequate supply to in-served and un-served areas in the city.


During the same period last year the thirsty voices echoed fervently from different quarters against non-supply of adequate water prompting the officials and staff of the HMWS&SB officials run off their feet to fix the dwindling supply issue especially in South Zone areas where the number of un-served areas are high.

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“There are total 60,700 household connections in old city under O&M Division-1 that cover areas of Charminar, Bahadurpura and part of Malakpet and Rajendernagar constituencies with 27 MGD of water demand per day. As far as the free water scheme is concerned,  there are total 7,400 domestic slum connections directly get befitted with the 20,000 liters free water supply scheme and 30th April has been fixed as last date to link Adhaar Card with the CAN number, informed Khader Mohiuddin, General Manager (Div-I), HMWS&SB.

Explaining that fixing meters is compulsory for domestic consumers, the officer said, only domestic slum consumers have exemption of fixing meters. Linking CAN numbers with Adhaar card is enough for them.

“Presently we are receiving around 27 Million Galleon per Day (MGD). While Himayat Sagar assures 11.50 MGD of water the Krishna River ensures almost 13.50 MGD of supply every day to Mir Alam Filter from where the entire old city gets the routine supply. Presently we are facing no shortage issues anywhere from the operational area. If found any shortfall of supply we are easily overcome the issue by reinstating tanker supply to the area,” informed the official.

Earlier due to shortage of water, he said, only 5 MGD of water being received from Himayat Sagar through gravity while the remaining demand of the filter will be fulfilled by pumping the water from Krishna River. “Atleast 75 percent of areas under Charminar and Bahadurpura get the supply from Mir Alam filter while Aliabad filter facilitate 20 percent supply and remaining 5 percent comes through the way of Chanchalguda and Shastripuram reservoirs,” explained the official.

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“There are around five areas under South Zone such as Owaisi Hills, Vattepally, Jahanuma, Ansari Road and Acchi Reddy Nagar where the water supply is being made through pumping process as these areas are generally located on hillocks. However, all the other areas remain get the gravitational supply owing to their geologically flat position. There would be no shortage this year as we have already passed half of the summer season without much ado. If there is any situation arises out of shortage, the board is having enough supplies to fix the issue and satiate the demand,” said Khader Mohiuddin.

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