Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Despite rapid increase in Covid-19 cases, T-Govt. won’t give a hoot to situation

Though the coronavirus is rapidly gripping the neighboring states into its clutches again, the Telangana State not yet ready to accept the severity and even playing it down by calling the situation as not so serious.


Even the Health Minister Etela Rajender claimed that despite the cases increasing rapidly across the state including Hyderabad City; the contagion can be cured merely through home isolation as 95 percent of cases are asymptomatic. He even moved on saying that the death toll due to Covid-19 was by and large not aggravating as people are taking necessary precautions and even undergoing treatment if tested positive.

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However, the other side of the coin is something other way around. While the people are not at all seen taking the contagion seriously in the houses, on the roads and much arguably in the markets where covid safety norms like wearing of masks and maintaining social distancing remain gone for a toss.

Meanwhile, going through the deteriorating situation of neighbouring states especially Maharashtra, the merchants of Begum Bazaar have decided to shut their shop at 5.00 pm from 9th April onwards to avoid crowding of the market.

The Hyderabad Kirana Merchant’s Association – mainly represented by the traders and merchants of the Begum Bazaar market area has issued a press release affirming its decision to close shops voluntarily at 5.00 pm every day. “Owing to the deteriorating situation prevailing in neighbouring states and the rapidly increasing cases in Hyderabad, it has been decided to close all the shops in Begum Bazaar Market by 5.00 pm daily. Hence, the shops will operate only between 9.00 am to 5.00pm from 9th April,” the release said.

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With the merchants themselves coming forward to close the shops voluntarily, it creates more grave situation for the government who until now tried its best to avoid even partial lockdown by playing down the situation.


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