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Delhi Health Minister Expresses Concerns Over Rising Covid 19 Cases Amongst Youth

With the sudden surge of the Covid 19 cases within the past few weeks in the national capital, Delhi. It has become a matter of concern which has been spreading across the people aged between 20 to 45 years.

Delhi Health Minister Releases Statement On Rising COVID-19 Cases

As per the latest reports, Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said on Wednesday that with the new Covid trend, the virus is spreading across faster. He further said that the age group between 20 to 45 years old might not get too affected by that but they will pose a threat for the elderly people at home.

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“Therefore, the vaccination should now be made available to all ages,” said Jain at the press conference.

Current Covid Wave Might Break Previous Records

During the press conference, Jain also said that the way in which the new infection of covid 19 is spreading, it might break the previous record as well.

He said with the sudden rise in the cases in Delhi, the government has already started to take steps. As per him, the Delhi government has already increased 2000 beds in both government and private hospitals. More 2000 to 2500 beds will be arranged within the next week.

Talking about the recently imposed night curfew in Delhi, Satyendra Jain said the government cannot impose nigt curfew only in few parts of the union territory. But it has to be imposed all across.

He said that the night curfew is done as a temporary solution. They will study the situation as the time passes.

Jain further said the night curfew timings are convenient to everyone as it starts at 10 pm by which everyone has already completed their work.

He clarified that taxis are allowed to be on the road. And if someone has come from other state and has a valid ticket, they can travel too.

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Furthermore, the timings for restaurants and hotels is anyway 11pm. He said that people have extreme opinions about the lockdown. Some people want a complete lockdown and some don’t want it at all.

“There has to be a midde ground as well”, he said.

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