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Electric Cables Moving Close to Houses Posing Grave Risk to Lives

Close-knit electric cable wires in residential colonies of old city and surrounding areas became a grave threat to the lives of people and children as frequent cases of electrocution are occurring claiming innocent lives of the people while the electricity department and the Town planning wing play a role of mute spectator.

The unplanned housing system lack of setbacks are said to be the major reason behind the frequent incidents of electrocution as several houses stand close to cable wires knitted by the electricity department while the town planning wing is least interested in preventing construction of houses without setbacks and proper planning.

This situation is leading to numerous incidents and frequent quarreling between the neighbours. Thus increasing the legal and civic issues between two neighbouring scuffling for boundaries.

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People, especially children are the primary victims of such close cable wire incidents that often lead to permanent disability or even death if the family members don’t give a hoot to such dangling threats. A fresh case of electrocution, in which a worker succumbed to death, occurred today at Kings Colony under Mailardevpally Police Limits drags the point to this dangling threat that claiming lives every often.

According to a report, a labour was electrocuted when he came into contact with HT lines passing close to a construction site in Kings Colony, area of Shanstripuram. Minawat Balu, 36 year old, labour resident of Babul Reddy Nagar, Katedhan is employed for the construction of second floor of a house at Kings Colony.

While shifting a still rod over the slab from the first floor of the under construction house, the rod he was carrying came into contact with the high tension wire passing close to the balcony. The labour, after shuddering for quite a few seconds due to electrocution, collapsed suddenly and succumbed to the profound burning injuries.

Sub-Inspector Nadeem visited the spot and shifted the body to Osmania General Hospital for post-mortem and registered a case.

Interestingly this is the second such incident in the last six month. Last time a 6 years old child playing in the balcony was electrocuted when the still rod he was carrying in his hand came into contact with the high tension wire passing close to the balcony of his house just a few meters away from the site where today’s incident occurred.

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High Tension wires moving very close to the houses are said to be the major reason behind the recurrent incidents of electrocution in Kings Colony area, under Mailardevpally limits.