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Experts warn against heat-related illnesses as summer arrives in Hyderabad

Summer has arrived in Hyderabad, bringing with it the threat of seasonal illnesses, particularly water-borne and heat-related illnesses. The summer in Telangana is distinct due to the extremely hot and dry weather conditions that prevail between March and May.

Maximum daytime temperatures are expected to consistently exceed 40 degrees Celsius by the end of March and early April, resulting in an increase in heat strokes and food and water-borne illnesses.

While food and water-related infections are primarily caused by consuming contaminated food and water, Heat-Related Illnesses (HRI) include a variety of disorders such as heat syncope, muscle cramps, heat exhaustion, and life-threatening emergencies such as heat stroke.

These illnesses occur when the body’s temperature is not properly regulated because heat input from the environment and body metabolism exceeds output from the skin via radiation, evaporation, and convection.

Water-borne illnesses are typically associated with a lack of access to safe drinking water, whereas heat strokes are caused by exposure to temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius.

“A healthy person can withstand heat stroke and other complications. However, this is not the case in persons with co-morbid conditions like chronic kidney and heart ailments and diabetes,” Superintendent, Fever Hospital Dr K Shankar said.

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People with such pre-existing medical conditions should avoid being exposed to extreme heat during the summer.

According to doctors, when seniors, diabetics, and kidney and heart patients are exposed to hot sun for an extended period of time, their core body temperatures rise significantly.

With an unusually warm February this year, in Hyderabad and other parts of India, experts predict a harsh summer ahead. Several north Indian states have already recorded higher-than-normal temperatures. In Hyderabad, a maximum temperature of 35.8 degree Celsius was recorded at Begumpet Airport on February 13, which is three degrees higher than the normal temperature of 32.5 degrees Celsius.






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