Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Facebook Updates Sexual Harassment Policies for Celebrities

In the latest update, the social media giant, Facebook has announced that they will be removing posts of severe “sexualizing content” that target the public figures like celebrities politicians and creators. This comes as a part of their new harassment policies.

Facebook To Protect Those In The Public Eye

As per the statement released by Antigone Davis, Global Head of Safety at Facebook in a blog post, well known individuals, regardless of whether they are government officials, writers, VIPs or makers, use Facebook and Instagram to connect straightforwardly with their adherents.

He added that their harassment and bullying strategy separates between well known people and private people to empower opportunity of articulation and real open talk around those in the public eye.”

It will presently eliminate facilitated endeavors of mass harassment that target people at elevated danger of offline damage.

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The firm said it will likewise eliminate objectionable content that is viewed as mass harassment towards any person on close to home surfaces, for example, direct messages in inbox or remarks on close to home profiles or posts.

Facebook will dispose of state-connected and ill-disposed organizations of records, Pages and Groups that cooperate to disturb or quietness individuals, for instance a state-supported association utilizing shut private gatherings to arrange mass posting on dissenter profiles.

Facebook Pulls Down 1259 Accounts

Moreover, Facebook said it will give more assurances to individuals who have become well known people “automatically,” like columnists and basic freedoms advocates.

Facebook pulled down 1,259 records, Pages and Groups from its main application just as Instagram in September for controlling public discussion.

In Iran, it eliminated 93 Facebook accounts, 14 Pages, 15 Groups and 194 Instagram accounts that designated fundamentally homegrown crowds in that country, especially in the Lorestan region.

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Likewise around the same time, Facebook eliminated two organizations from Sudan and Iran.

In Sudan, Facebook eliminated 116 Pages, 666 Facebook accounts, 69 Groups and 92 Instagram accounts.