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Farmers Fear Leopard Attack, Sugarcane Harvest Suffers

In the latest updates, farmers in Nizampur town in Pilibhit region have quit collecting their stick crop after a female Leopard and her five whelps were located in a field.

The mother panther has been moving the whelps starting with one sugarcane field then onto the next, rather than taking them to the close by woods of Pilibhit tiger save.

The sugar plant acquiring sugarcane of Nizampur has declared the finish of its ongoing smashing meeting on April 30, the ranchers reap their stick crop with time to spare. In any case, they can’t do as such as the mother panther stays concealed in the sugarcane fields with her whelps.

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Chief conservator of woods (CCF), Bareilly zone, Lalit Verma, said, “The inexact distance of 500 meters between the stick field and the woodland is clearly excessively lengthy for the mother panther to convey the whelps in her mouth. Another explanation could be to that she is attempting to shield the whelps from other predatory creatures in the timberlands.”

He said that the timberland division has no extraordinary assets to make up for the expense of the stick crop remaining close to the whelps’ concealing spot.

“This would have assisted us with keeping the spot being referred to unharvested until the fledglings develop and begin moving every now and again. Shielding the fledglings from lost creatures is another test we are looking right now,” he added.

In the mean time, authorities from Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) are working pair with the woodland staff to keep up with the wellbeing and security of the offspring. The fledglings will stay safeguarded for an additional a month until they begin strolling all alone.

DFO Adarsh Kumar, said that the field woods group has been giving customary drinking water supply to shield the offspring from parchedness in blistering climate.





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