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From Cancer Survivor to Aviation Trailblazer: The Inspirational Journey of Kanika Tekriwal

Kanika Tekriwal’s remarkable journey from battling cancer to founding India’s pioneering aircraft leasing company, JetSetGo, is a story of unwavering determination and resilience.

Despite facing health challenges at a young age, Tekriwal, now 33, defied the odds to establish a groundbreaking startup in 2012. Today, JetSetGo boasts ownership of 10 private jets, revolutionizing the aviation industry in India.

Hailing from a Marwari family, Tekriwal has swiftly ascended to become one of India’s most affluent women, with a net worth surpassing Rs 420 crore.

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JetSetGo, acclaimed as a premier plane aggregator, specializes in managing chartered planes and helicopters. It has facilitated over 6,000 flights for approximately 100,000 passengers, setting new standards in luxury air travel.

Tekriwal’s exceptional achievements have garnered widespread recognition. She has been featured in the Hurun Rich List among India’s wealthiest self-made women, honored with the National Entrepreneurship Award by the Government of India, and acknowledged as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

Furthermore, Entrepreneur magazine bestowed upon her the distinguished title of “The Sky Queen,” underscoring her trailblazing contributions to the aviation industry.

Now married to a Hyderabad-based businessman, Tekriwal continues to inspire with her dynamic leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. Her story serves as a testament to the power of resilience and determination, illustrating that with unwavering resolve, one can soar to limitless heights.

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