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Fuel Shortage Anxiety Grips Hyderabad as Truck Driver Protests Continue

Long lines at petrol outlets in Hyderabad are creating fear among residents as truck drivers continue to protest a provision in the new penal code for hit-and-run accidents.

The Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, which is expected to replace the Indian Penal Code, provides harsh penalties for drivers who cause serious traffic accidents and abandon the scene.

The law demands up to ten years in prison or a Rs 7 lakh punishment for drivers implicated in hit-and-run accidents. Protests have hampered routine operations, raising concerns about a potential gasoline shortage.

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Similar scenarios are playing out in Mumbai and Nagpur, with people flocking to petrol pumps, fearful that the agitation may cause most pumps to run dry. Residents in Nagpur have been queuing since Monday night to fill their vehicle tanks, causing panic buying.

Certain petrol stations in Hyderabad have already ran out of fuel, flashing ‘No Petrol’ signs, heightening fears. Residents are worried since they don’t know how long the scenario will last.

Truck driver protests have not only disrupted the supply system, but have also caused public concern, prompting them to stock up on petrol. The outcome of these protests will be widely watched as officials attempt to address the concerns and ensure a continuous supply of fuel.

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