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Gautam Adani’s daughter-in-law raises concern about racism at Heathrow Airport

Entrepreneur Gautam Adani’s daughter-in-law Paridhi Adani raised concerns about racism at Heathrow Airport, England.

“Heathrow Airport continues to live up to its reputation of traumatizing passengers. Indians in particular. Horrible experience at security -full of racism and violation of privacy. Add to that lack of empathy and decency and of course full of aggression and rage,” she wrote.

Paridhi Adani is married to Gautam Adani’s son Karan Adani. She is the daughter of Mumbai-based legal eagle, Cyril Shroff and his lawyer wife, Vandana Shroff. Cyril is the managing partner of India’s largest law firm, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas.

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On her experience of racism, she added, “In fact, other officers at security were surprised at the behavior of their own colleagues! And recommended I file a complaint. Clearly, this pathetic behavior of security officers at Heathrow Airport is not acceptable, and yet it carries on passenger after passenger. Indian after Indian. Woman after woman.”

“Can we end the racism and discrimination, please? Travel is meant to bring joy. Not to cause harassment. Take your rage elsewhere,” she concluded.

Paridhi is a legal expert. She advises both – domestic and international clients on legal aspects of their business strategy in India, including on various commercial arrangements, entry strategy, private equity, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, and foreign investment.

Earlier, philanthropist Sudha Murty also talked about racist treatment at this airport.





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