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Genocide call against Muslims will stoke up civil war: Naseeruddin Shah

Clapping back vehemently on the Dharam Sansad episode at Haridwar, the renowned film actor Naseeruddin Shah said “If these people know what they are talking about? Because what they are calling for is a full-scale civil war. 200 million of us are not going to get wiped out that easily. We will surely go to defend ourselves.”

During an interview to a news website, Shah said “The people calling for ethnic cleansing of the Muslims are actually calling for a destruction of the country in whole through civil war,” he said adding that “What is happening right now in the country is quite appalling.”

It is pertinent to mention here that the several Hindu fringe groups organized a three days program called Dharam Sansad at Haridwar in Uttrakhand. The speakers during the program heard giving a call for genocide of Muslims and Christians in India.

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“People giving a call for genocide of religious minorities in the country are not at all aware of the repercussions that entailed. They do not know what it actually means. It is something like they are trying to find a casus belli to stoke up a civil war in the country. You can’t simply talk about annihilating a population of over two hundred million people. It’s not as easy as shooting fish in the barrel,” he argued.

“There are twenty crore Muslims living in this country who were born and brought up here,” he said adding that “Not only the present Muslims, their forefathers too open their eyes on this land. Hence, for them this country is their mother land. These Muslims in crores are neither going to wipe out nor are flocking to any other place. I am fully confident that the whole country will fight back with demonstrations if provocative measures taken against the interest of native minorities in the country.”

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Blaming that the plot to target Muslims is being played behind the scene, Naseeruddin said “For the ruling party, minorities became a hot political cake to keep hold of power. No action has been initiated against the hate mongers who gave a call for genocide of Muslims. It is a very disappointing trend, but what more can we expect from the present government. I must say that what we are experiencing today in the country is more dreadful than what we had expected earlier.”