Monday, January 18, 2021
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Ghastly double murder- Tripura man kills, chops wife and mother-in-law

The Indian state of Tripura witnessed a horrendous incident on Monday after a man allegedly killed his wife and mother-in-law and later chopped their dead bodies, shockingly in front of his 2 young children.

The kids were found screaming in fear and horror of the sight that unfolded before them. After executing the heinous crime, the accused ingested poison and tried to kill himself through suicide in his in-laws’ home, according to the police report.

This is the incident from Ambasa, part of the Dhalai district of Tripura. The cops were informed of the scene following the cries of the children that were heard by the people of the area. The locals reported the incident to the police after they saw the horrific visual of the 2 women drenched in blood.

The accused has been identified as 45-year-old Narayan Das who lived in Hapania, West Tripura, which is around 7km away from Agartala, the state capital. He murdered his wife, 38-year-old Jaya Das, and mother-in-law, 55-year-old Kajoli Sahi. Narayan allegedly killed the duo using a sharp weapon at 11 am post a dispute between the three over a domestic issue. He was married to Jaya for 15 years and the couple had 2 children.

When the police reached the crime spot, Narayan was found lying unconscious in another room of his in-laws’ house. Though they arrested him immediately, the police had to put in efforts in dispersing the crowd that had gathered demanding that he be handed over to them in light of the horrific crime he committed.

The cops couldn’t get the statement of the accused as of now as his medical condition isn’t allowing them to do so, said the sub-divisional police officer Ashish Dasgupta while adding, ” We have arrested the man and have conducted his medical examination. Traces of poison have been found in his body, but he is out of danger. The motive behind the attack is yet to be curtained as we have not been able to question him till now.”

An on-duty police officer close to the matter said, “He stabbed his wife Jaya Sahi and mother-in-law, Kajoli Sahi, to death. They have two sons. Some details of the murder have been found from them.”

The police have recovered the murder weapon and the bodies have been shifted for autopsy.

The cause for the crime is reportedly a dispute between the accused and his wife due to which the woman and their children were residing in her mother’s house for the last 4 months, according to the police’s initial probes.

They added that the couple was headed for a divorce in view of their marital problems before the accused committed the double murder.

The accused is currently admitted at Agartala’s GBP Hospital to get treated. Once his health becomes fair, Narayan will be brought before the court.

As for the children, they have been given to the Dhalai Child Welfare Officer, officials said.