Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Himayath Sagar gates to be open anytime as lake crammed anytime

With just 1.2 feet of gap left to touch the full capacity, the Officials at Himayath Sagar Lake are preparing to lift the gates of the reservoir to feed the Musi River. As of 8.17 pm on Sunday, the water level reached to 1762.30 feet @ 2.650 TMC as against the full tank capacity of 1763.50 feet @ 2.97 TMC in the lake.

The crammed situation at the Himayath Sagar is the result of constant inflows into the lake that witnessed 2500 cusecs of inrush since Sunday morning while downpour continue to hit the catchment areas like  Amdapur, Moinabad, Shadnagar and Nagarguda etc.

Sensing enormity, the authorities at the reservoir have sounded an alarm in nearby areas with the help of revenue and police officials. The authorities put a constant watch on the situation at the reservoir as they may have to take a call on lifting the crest gates of Himayat Sagar anytime as the lake is about to be crammed anytime.

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According to officials, “the authorities at the reservoir are keeping a constant eye over the situation and will take a call about lifting the crest gates anytime soon as the lake, though intermittently, is receiving good inflow from catchment areas since the last four days and more specifically since Sunday morning. Copious rains coupled with huge Inflows have led to a situation where only 1.2 feet of gap has left to replete the reservoir.”

The authorities, he further said, have alerted the people living alongside the Musi River about the prevailing situation with the help of revenue and police officials.

However, the Osman Sagar Lake saw a decline in inflows since Sunday morning as the authorities witnessed no fresh inrush into the water body since Saturday. The reservoir still needs 5.4 feet of water to reach full capacity. The water level at Osman Sagar was recorded at 1784.60 feet @ 2.765 TMC by 4.48 pm on Sunday as against the full capacity of 1790.00 feet @ 3.90 TMC.

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Though no fresh inflows have been witnessed in the Osman Sagar but the authorities are of the view that the lake would also get replete in the days to come if rains continue to lash the catchments areas like Janwada, Balkapur and Shankarpalli in Vikarabad.