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Hyderabad: Female techie jumps from multi-story building, ending her life

On Thursday night, a woman software employee allegedly committed suicide by jumping from a multi-story building in Shamshabad. According to police, the reason for the suicide was unknown.

Saundarya (28), a Kondapur resident, worked at a software firm in Shamshabad and lived with her husband Abhinav and in-laws.

The police had reported that she had been upset for a few days and jumped from the building after informing her uncle on the phone She was rushed to a nearby private hospital, where she died while receiving treatment. The RGIA police are looking into it the incident

Hyderabad student hangs self, parents suspect black magic

Hyderabad has seen a heart breaking occurrence where a kid in the Intermediate Second year (Class 12) apparently committed suicide. The child, Navya, hanged herself on Wednesday night at her home in Bharat Nagar, close to the Kulsumpura Police Station.

The girl’s parents claim they think “Kshudra Pooja” (Black Magic) was responsible for the girl’s passing. They assert that unknown individuals carried out this ritual in front of their home, where lemons and torches were found close to the entrance. According to Navya’s parents, the consequences of the black magic practised by these unidentified people led Navya to consider suicide.

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The body has been taken into custody by the police, who will also perform an autopsy. An investigation is being conducted to learn more about the incident’s circumstances after a case was registered.






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