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Hyderabad Mayor Calls All-Party Corporators’ Meeting to Address GHMC Issues

The Mayor of Hyderabad, Gadwal Vijayalaxmi, has planned an all-party corporators’ meeting at the GHMC headquarters on February 6.

The principal agenda item is to examine how council and general body meetings will be conducted, as well as to address issues raised during the Prajavani program.

The meeting is scheduled to involve discussions about the conduct of general body meetings with floor leaders from the BRS, BJP, AIMIM, and Congress. The Prajavani program received over 188 complaints, including a large majority relating to the town planning wing.

One of the primary subjects of debate is the development of procedures for uploading each application online and sending notifications to the Head of Department (HoD) of the relevant department. Mayor Vijayalaxmi, GHMC Commissioner D Ronald Rose, and floor leaders from the BRS, BJP, AIMIM, and Congress will all attend the meeting.

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