Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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‘Indian Covid variant can spread like wildfire among unvaccinated people’

The Indian variant of the Covid 19 virus has become a huge concern for the United Kingdom. UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned that the Indian variant that was first detected in India can spread like wildfire, especially among those who haven’t received the Covid 19 vaccine.

Indian Covid 19 Variant Dominates Some Areas of UK

Talking to the media, Hancock said that in areas like Bolton and Blackburn, the Indian variant is dominating. However, on an optimistic note, there are high chances and people are confident that the current vaccines will provide protection against this variant.

He urged the eligible people to get book an appointment for the vaccination if they haven’t already. He further described the situation as a “ race between the vaccination program and the virus”, with the new variant having “given the virus some extra legs in that race”.

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The Health Secretary said that even though the protection that the vaccines provide against the virus is very high, it is not absolute.

As per the latest data released by the Public Health England (PHE) there are more than 1313 cases of the Indian Covid variant which is known as B1617.2 in Britain. Last week, PHE recorded a total of 520 cases of the same variant.

However, Hancock said that the country will go ahead with the initial plan to ease the lockdown from Monday.

UK To Ease Lockdown from Monday

The decision regarding the third phase of lockdown from June 21 will be announced on June 14. Around that time, all the legal restrictions regarding social contact will be removed. Hancock said that they need to be cautious and careful at each step.

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For now, from Monday, pubs, restaurants, and bars in England will be permitted to operate indoors along with cinemas, museums, and the children’s play areas. People in England will be allowed to meet in groups of up to 30 people. They may meet indoor as well in groups of up to six or two households.

Monday will also see a reopening of hotels, hostels, and B&Bs.

At the same time, UK health experts have warned that the next stage of easing the lockdown should be conducted with “utmost caution”.