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Italy Suspends AstraZeneca After 18 Year Old Dies of Blood Clot

AstraZeneca recently got suspended in Italy for people under the age of 60 years. Health officials made the announcement at a weekly press conference.

18 Year Old Dies Of Blood Clot, Days After Taking First Dose of AstraZeneca 

As per the latest reports, an 18 year old woman died of  a blood clot on Thursday. She received her first dose of AstraZeneca on May 25. Local media reports suggest that the young woman suffered from autoimmune thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count). She was already on double hormone therapy before she took the vaccine.

Italian news agency Ansa reported that an investigation has already been ordered to find out if she had mentioned her health condition before or during the vaccination procedure.

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Franco Locatelli, coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee (CTS) said that the epidemiological scenario has changed. Along with the relationship between the benefits of vaccination and the potential risk of unusual blood clots. Franco Locatellu gives advice to the government on how to handle the pandemic across the country.

The CTS further recommends that for people under 60 who received an initial dose of AstraZeneca be given a different vaccine for their second dose, Locatelli said, adding that this move represents “an excess of caution”.

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Over 40.7 million doses of vaccine have been administered in Italy and over 13.7 million people, or 25 percent of the population aged over 12, have been fully inoculated, according to the latest tally from the Ministry of Health on Friday.

Italy to Accept and Issue EU Covid 19 Passports from June 15

The above news comes after Italy recently announced that they are ready to launch travel health certificates by June 15. The European Parliament has already given their final approval to the EU Covid 19 certificates. With this the traveling within the European Union Member States will be restored.