Saturday, March 6, 2021
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KCR Govt for villages development with funds : ministers pacify Sarpanches

HYDERABAD: Ministers Niranjan Reddy, Srinivas Goud, and Dayakar Rao today stated that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is offering adequate funds for village development.  At a program amid protests by some Sarpanches and other leaders in Mahabub Nagar district they participated in some development programs.

They asked the protesting leaders to avoid the same as they will see development programs continue with timely funds, and address their issues.  Giving away a Rs 15 crore cheque to Mahila Samakhya, the ministers claimed that the KCR government offers Rs 308 crore funds towards village panchayats.

Get facilities like greenery,  dumping yards, Vaikuntha dharmas,  and other amenities by using funds on a regular basis, as we built 2601 Rythu Vedikas.

The ministers asked the officials to release funds and continue development works early.  These funds can be used for basic facilities and infrastructure in the villages.  After the KCR government started giving funds to the villages, small villages and  Lambada thandas are now getting a new, and high look.

Rythu Bandhu,  Rytbu Vedikas will help flourish the farmers in our state they said.  Rythu vedikas are for uniting the farmers giving them guidance for crops to be sown,  market facilities, and finally get MSP they said.  Despite the corona pandemic hit our finances,  revenue, and development,  the welfare was not stopped by our government.  This can be attributed to the vision and determination of the chief Minister they said.

They called upon local leaders,  Sarpanches,  deputies to work together for village development with officials.  We will bring to the notice if check power salary hike and other issues of the Sarpanches to KCR notice to take a call they said.  We are determined for local areas development with facilities they maintained.

Only Telangana state is offering such funds to village panchayats and no other states, are doing so in the country, they claimed.