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KCR Is Not a Jagir of Telangana to Sell Government Lands: Chada Venkat Reddy

CPI Telangana State Secretary Chada Venkat Reddy was ignited that Chief Minister KCR is not a Jagir of Telangana State to sell Government lands.

On Tuesday, a CPI-led dharna was held in front of the TSIIC office, Parishrama Bhavan,  Basheer Bagh in Hyderabad,  demanding to stop the e-auction of  Government lands.
On this occasion, the CPI Activists carried placards and shouted slogans to stop the sale of Government lands and demands to distribute to Landless Poor.  Chada, who was present as the chief guest at the Dharna, said the sale of Government lands in the rich state was the worst act to continue the rule.

He said State Government procuring Lakhs of crores of debts from the open market and crores of rupees from the sale of Government lands, but the Government treasury is empty, the public welfare is zero. He criticized the Chief Minister KCR for forgetting the state as a pile of debt and selling government lands worth billions of rupees to cover up his financial sins in an attempt to attract national attention to the rich state and golden Telangana.

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He lamented that government lands were public lands and that they should be used for public purposes only, that KCR had no right to sell to the Government Lands, and that it was a shame to continue to rule by selling government lands.

Chada warned that the sale of Government lands in the State should be stopped and protected and that the TRS government in the state of Telangana would not tolerate the sale of Government lands, and would carry out large-scale struggles to protect them.

CPI National Executive Member, former MP Syed Azeez Pasha questioned that why TRS Government involving land trade without protecting the health and livelihood of the people as the corona epidemic was having a serious impact on the people.

He lamented that the lands and resources of the state of Telangana could be utilized by the people here and could not be melted down if the Government lands were cut off. Syed Aziz Pasha demanded that the Government distribute Government lands to the people or to the landless poor.

CPI Telangana State Secretariat Member V.S. Bose said he was questioning what it was like to sell government lands and raise funds to get out of the financial crisis, and whether the government was bankrupt. he said that the auction of Government lands should be withdrawn immediately and that the people are noticing all the right lessons at the right time. Bose warned.

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CPI Hyderabad District Secretary E.T. Narasimha said the state exchequer was empty and the economy had collapsed due to the incompetent administration of Chief Minister KCR. He was incensed that he had left the public welfare and sold government lands to fill the coffers. He demanded that the auction of Government lands be used immediately for public purposes. He said that if the Government went ahead stubbornly we should block the auction of Lands E.T. Narasimha warned.

CPI Hyderabad District Executive Members R. Shankar Nayak, Kamatham Yadagiri, S.A. Mannan, Nerlekanti Srikanth, Telangana Prajanatya Mandali General Secretary Palle Narasimha, AIYF State General Secretary Marupaka Anil Kumar, AISF National Vice President B Stalin and CPI Hyderabad district leaders R. Mallesh, Salahuddin, Arutla Rajkumar, Sheikh Nadeem, Sheikh Mahmood, CH Jangaiah, Gyara Naresh, Sriman, Harikrishna and others participated.