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Kejriwal expresses shock over the murder of the teenage girl in Delhi

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday expressed shock over the brutal murder of a 16-year-old girl in Outer North Delhi’s Shahbad Dairy.

The incident, he said, has exposed the deteriorating law and order in the capital and indicates that the criminals have no fear of the law.

“It is extremely tragic and unfortunate that a heartless murder of an innocent minor girl has taken place in Delhi. The criminals have become fearless, with no fear of the police. LG Sir, law and order is your responsibility, please do something.

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The safety of the people of Delhi is of utmost importance,” Kejriwal tweeted. Notably, the girl was stabbed over 20 times by her 20-year-old boyfriend in the Shahbad Dairy area on Sunday.

The accused, identified as Sahil, even hit the girl with a boulder multiple times. A manhunt has been initiated to nab him.

In the video going viral on social media, Sahil clad in a blue t-shirt, can be seen stabbing the girl. Around seven to eight bystanders are present, standing and watching.

A man in a dark red shirt attempts to intervene, but Sahil pushes him away. In the video, Sahil continues to stab the girl while threatening the bystanders, causing them to disperse.

After stabbing her, Sahil proceeds to kick the girl multiple times and then smashes her with a boulder five times. He then leaves the scene only to return and hit the girl with the boulder once again, kicking her multiple times, as per the video.








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