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Runaway bride killed in an accident with lover, cousin in UP district

A young woman from Mirzapur who eloped with her lover on the eve of her wedding, met with a tragic end when their motorcycle was hit by a truck in the Jigna area of Mirzapur.

All three persons, including the woman’s cousin who had helped her elope, were killed on the spot. Jigna station officer Arvind Pandey said the motorcycle was over-speeding when it collided with an oncoming truck.

Pandey said family members identified the deceased as Rani, Karan, and Vikas, all aged around 21. Rani’s marriage was fixed with a man from Prayagraj and was scheduled for Sunday.

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According to police, the woman was against the match as she had an affair with a local boy, who was known to her cousin. The two planned an elopement with the help of her cousin.

Police said her lover and her cousin reached the woman’s house on the motorcycle and the three sped away after dodging the relatives who were busy with the wedding preparations.

They had barely traveled a kilometer when they met with an accident and the three died on the spot. Pandey said the bodies have been sent for post-mortem.






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