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K’taka BJP to stage protests against minister’s ‘Why can’t cows be slaughtered’ remark

Karnataka BJP has called for a state-wide protest on Monday against Minister for Animal Husbandry K. Venkatesh’s statement asking “Why can’t cows be slaughtered?”

The protest will be staged at all party district headquarters. Besides, the party plans to organize a large-scale protest in Bengaluru on Tuesday in which all legislators, former ministers, and prominent BJP leaders are expected to take part.

Meanwhile, Samana Manaskara Vedike, a platform of progressive thinkers has demanded the withdrawal of the anti-cow slaughter legislation.

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According to sources, the ruling Congress is likely to form a cabinet sub-committee on the issue. Later, the committee’s report would be placed before the cabinet, and further decisions taken.

The previous BJP government in Karnataka had passed the controversial Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Act, 2020 amid opposition. The saffron party projected it as the primary agenda of the party. The new law bans the slaughter of bulls, bullocks, oxen, and calves.

The law proposes stringent punishment and penalties and it criminalised the violation of the act. With full blessings of the BJP government cow vigilantes carried out attacks in various parts of the state, especially in the coastal region resulting in several deaths.

Minister for Animal Husbandry K. Venkatesh had stated that a decision would be taken after a discussion over the scrapping of the law. “The decision would be taken keeping the interests of farmers in mind. “If buffalo, ox could be slaughtered, why can’t the cows be slaughtered?” he questioned.

The statements made it amply clear that the preparations are on for scrapping the act. His statements have created a huge controversy in the state.






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