Friday, November 27, 2020
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Man Chops Off Tongue in UP and Offers it to Goddess

In an unexpected occurrence, a 22-year man Chops off his tongue, as a contribution to the Goddess at a temple at Bhati village in Baberu area in Banda district.

Jai Shyam Shukla, SHO, Baberu stated: “Atma Ram reached the temple on the last day Navratri and Chops Off his tongue and offered it to the Goddess.”

The 22-year-old, severely dying, was hurried to the hospital and police said his condition was steady.

As indicated by Atma Ram’s father, his son is mentally ill. He has been observing Navratri fast and was allegedly misdirected into performing this act.

In the interim, in another occurrence, a 49-year-old man attempted to kill himself as a part of a sacrificial ritual at a Shiv temple in the Kurara area in the Hamirpur locale.

Rukmani Mishra attempted to cut his throat with a knife at Koteshwar Temple on Saturday night. He was severely injured and quickly hurried to the hospital, where his condition was said to be steady.

The Superintendent of Police (SP) said it gave off an impression of being an act of superstition.

Shockingly this isn’t even the first occurrence of such a case. In a village near Hyderabad, as per a report in the Times of India, 23-year-old Mallesh offered his tongue to the presiding goddess at Duppala village in Chinna Chintakunta Mandal of Wanaparthy region.

He offered it to her trusting she would help him with marrying the lady he was frantically in love with. Police say that Mallesh, a driver with a private company in Hyderabad believed that this could be a certain method of getting the love of life.

He apparently educated his friends in the village about his desire and his intention to forfeit his tongue. His friends thought he was simply making up things and over-looked it as a lover’s lament.

But Mallesh fully planned to do as such. He completed the mutilation in the temple, dropped to the ground bleeding, and was quickly hurried to the close-by hospital where he is said to be recovered.

No notice has been made of his lady love and whether or not she knows about his reality or his rash deed. However, one report said, the lady being referred to didn’t even try to visit him in hospital.




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