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Narendra Modi and Mother Abused On BBC Show, #BoycottBCC Trends

Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister is no new to hate. But in a new series of events, a caller on BBC show took the platform to share some “derogatory remarks” against the PM.

Caller Abuses PM Modi On BBC

As per the latest reports, the incident happened on March 1, 2021 during BBC Asian Network’s show called “Big Debate”. While the discussion centred around the racial discrimiation against the Sikhs and the Indians in the United Kingdom.

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The host Pria Rai and a Sikh Lawyer discussed about a character named Harjap Bhagnal from the show EastEnders. They recalled the character’s turban being called a “crown”.

As the show, Big Debate opened to take up calls from the viewers, the conversations eventually started to move towards the farmer’s protests in India. During the discussion, a person named Simon called and started an angry rant against PM Modi.

As Simon talked to the host, he started to use objectionable words and derogatory language towards PM Narendra Modi and his mother. Following this, the host interrupted him and asked him to stop.

#BoycottBBC Trends On Twitter

With the podcast being released, Twitteratis started a hashtag, “#boycottBBC”. Along with the Twitteratis, some of the BJP leaders and other members also supported the BoycottBBC hashtag. While some suggested to use #BanBBC hashtag instead.

The derogatory remarks against PM Narendra Modi and his mother sparked outrage across the country. Soon after the massive outrage, the three-hour podcast was edited and now features an apology from Rai.

In the podcast, the host said that they want to apologise for the offensive language used by the guests on the show. The host further said that the issues they discuss on the show are often controversial.

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However, this does not justify the type of language that the guest used. Furthermore, the BBC Network also issued an apology and said that before taking up any calls they ensure to inform the callers to keep the language in check. However, since it happened, they apologise for the same.

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