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Nizam’s Grandson Criticises Attempts to Tarnish Former Ruler

Hyderabad: A day after Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that BJP wants to free Hyderabad from the “Nizam culture”, the 7th and final ruling Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan’s grandson Nawab Najaf Ali Khan stated on Tuesday that politicians can’t change the ‘Ganga JamuniTehzeeb’ which has been a part of the culture of Hyderabad for a very long time.

He stated that it was tragic some political parties were attempting to tarnish the image of the last ruler of erstwhile Hyderabad state while contesting for the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) elections.

Najaf Ali Khan, who is additionally Nizam Family Welfare Association president, said at whatever point elections are conducted, his grandfather is criticised and his large services towards his subjects are outrightly disregarded.

He said that the politicians should attract the voters based on their welfare schemes and by working for the public instead of spewing unnecessary negative narrative on Nizam VII.

He said the promise to rename the city or free the state of Nizam culture is just a gimmick to attract attention. He added that these politicians can’t change the Ganga JamuniTehzeeb which has been a part of the culture of the people of Hyderabad for centuries. He said: “My grandfather respected every religion and united them during his regime, which had peace, tranquillity and secularism as an essential form of governance.”

He called attention to that under his grandfather’s rule in the 1940s, Hyderabad was more evolved than most western nations and his large donations were unequalled by some other ruler in history.

He stated:  “Calling a ruler who built the NIMS Hospital from his own private purse a looter is a sacrilege and an attempt to damage the image of my grandfather. I want to ask the politicians who only seek to divide and rule, what have you done for our country?”

Najaf Ali Khan inquired as to whether Mir Osman Ali Khan was a fascist, for what reason was he appointed as Raj Pramukh (Governor) by the Indian government even after he had voluntarily acceded Hyderabad State to India. He said why did the Indian government in 1965, accept 5 tons of gold towards the National Defense Fund. In terms of today’s gold price, this donation accounts for more than Rs 1,600 crores, making it the biggest donation in history.

He said the politicians who look to malign Nizam’s name and put down his huge contributions themselves are heard or seen just during the elections. He said seen once in five years, they are maligning the man who served this country and his kingdom for 37 years irrespective of caste and religion.



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