Monday, January 18, 2021
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Novotel Hyderabad Airport to celebrate ‘Festival of Harvest’ from 14th to 17th Jan

To string the Sankranti festivities with joy and culinary fervor, the Novotel Hyderabad Airport has planned to organize a four day long “Festival of Harvest” to mark the event with a blend of delicious and succulent North India and South Indian cuisine being held from 14th to 17th January in its premises at Shamshabad Airport.

The idea squeezed from a plush green horticultural space housed in its periphery called ‘Patch’ where the variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, and ornamental plantlets were grown under expert supervision that provides soothing ambiance besides filling the ambient temperature with the enticing aroma that would surely tempt up the crave.

Executive Chef Varun is the brainchild behind the concept of knitting the ‘patch’ to the presentation of the menu. “The blend of both North Indian & South Indian delicacies with delectable menu bedecked by Executive Chef Varun would surely enthrall the connoisseur and let their mouth-watering,” informed Rubin Cherian, General Manager, Novotel Hyderabad Airport, Shamshabad.

Makki ki Roti with Saag, Pindi Chole with Bhature, Kalagaya Koora, Ulava Charu Pulao, Royyala Iguru, Bhatti Ka Ghost and many other delicacies and etc will flagrant aroma will leave the connoisseur craving to taste the savories unabatedly. The attendees can be able to fill their pallet and experience the delicious blend of aroma and taste from Punjab to Pondicherry during the four-day long food carnival, added Shaker, Pastry Chef, Novotel Hyderabad Airport, Shamshabad.

“To celebrate the season of agriculture harvest we have conceptualized the idea of ‘Festival of Harvest’ to mark and fill the Makara Sankranti festivities with a host of palatable dishes with a blend of North and South India savories. To rejoice with the spirit of Makara Sankranti, we invite all of our guests and connoisseur to join us in this ‘fusion of food’ carnival, said Ms. Parul Sethi, Director – sales, Novotel Hyderabad Airport.