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ORR Location Survey Approved Along RRR Periphery

The Railway Ministry has approved the Final Location Survey (FLS) for the crucial Outer Ring Rail Line project in India. This significant railway line is anticipated to cover a distance of approximately 564 km and is budgeted at around Rs. 12,408 crore.

The Outer Ring Rail Line is designed to enhance multi-modal connectivity for emerging satellite townships and industrial zones along the forthcoming Regional Ring Road. Additionally, it will facilitate the introduction of more suburban services to Hyderabad and expand long-distance services to various parts of the country.

The proposed route of the Outer Ring Rail Line follows the exterior periphery of the Regional Ring Road, passing through key locations like Akanapet, Yadadri, Chityal, Burgula, Vikarabad, Gate Vanampalli, Medak, Siddipet, and Gajwel. This railway line will traverse several districts, including Vikarabad, Medak, Siddipet, Kamareddy, Yadadri Bhuvanagiri, Nalgonda, and Ranga Reddy. Moreover, it will connect important towns like Vikarabad, Sanga Reddy, Medak, Akanapet, Siddipet, Gajwel, Yadadri Bhuvanagiri, Ramannapet, Chityala, Narayanapur, Shadnagar, and Shabad.

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The expansion of Hyderabad’s suburban area has extended up to 90 km due to the city’s rapid growth, resulting in increased passenger and Multi-Modal Transport System (MMTS) train services. This expansion has had a significant impact on freight movement. To address this issue and ensure the smooth flow of traffic, a dedicated freight corridor known as the Bypass Rail Ring Road around the Hyderabad-Secunderabad-Kacheguda region is deemed essential, helping to prevent cascading effects on freight trains.







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