Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Peace Deal with UAE Approved by Israeli Parliament

Jerusalem: Israel’s parliament accepted the normalization deal signed a deal in the previous month among Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The peace treaty was accepted in an 80-13 vote in a special meeting of the Knesset, or the parliament on Thursday, Xinhua news organization informed.

Eighty parliamentarians cast a vote in the favour of the arrangement, and each of the 13 who restricted it was from The Joint List. The arrangement presently moves to the government for the final ratification.

Rivals of the UAE deal have been worried that not the sum total of components has been disclosed, especially with regard to Israel lifting its issue with the sale of cutting-edge military equipment such as the serious F-35 stealth jet, and the annexation of West Bank settlements.

During talks ahead of the vote, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for peace with Lebanon, Israel’s neighbor in the north. The two nations have as of late dispatched US-facilitated negotiations to end a long-term conflict regarding their maritime border.

Netanyahu stated: “I call on the government of Lebanon to continue and complete these talks,” including that the motion could one day, in the future, lead to true peace.

Israel and the UAE consented to an arrangement to normalize their relations in Washington on September 15. During the ceremony, a peace deal was additionally signed between Israel and Bahrain.

The UAE and Bahrain turned into the initial Gulf nations to consent to form official ties with Israel.

Beforehand, two Arab nations, Egypt and Jordan, had consented to peace arrangements with Israel.

Netanyahu said the UAE deal showed that it was incorrect to wait for the Palestinians to arrive at a peace agreement in the region. He said he trusted the Palestinians would one day understand that they committed a mistake and approached them to return to the talks.

He said: “The Palestinians were offered peace and turned it down time after time, if we wait for the Palestinians, we will be waiting a long time.”

Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz utilized his discourse to contact Palestinian head Mahmoud Abbas, saying: “the time has come to join the journey to peace and not continue with refusal.”



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