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Proposal of Park at Pahadi Shareef still resting in government’s drawer

The proposal to promote a park with GYM facility for Women in Pahadi Shareef area under Jalpally Municipality is still languishing in the drawer of the government despite mooted for the first time last year. Until now there is no clarity about the fate of the report presented by the officials of Jalpally Municipality for the approval of the project. Such is the situation that even the memories of the report being presented to government are waning out from the minds of the officials.

It is in the year 2020 when it was first proposed to promote first of its kind of a park with GYM facility for Women in Jalpally, more precisely on a land of Forest Department at Pahadi Shareef. The officials have identified the land and prepared a report while is presently pending with the government.

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“Already there are four parks located in the Jalpally area that includes one at Metro City and another is at Green City colony. Now the Municipal officials have proposed another park at Pahadi Shareef area on an extent of around one acre land of forest department on the main road. This would be the fifth in the row in Jalpally to be come up with state of the art amusement facilities like greenery and a Gymnasium especially designed for women visitors,” informed Abdallah Sadi, Chairmen Jalpally Municipality.

After getting a first had appraisal assessment of the area atleast four months ago, he said, the proposal has sent to collector for the approval. Presently the file is with the Collector Rangareddy District adding that “Even the Minister for Education Mrs.Sabitha Indra Reddy keenly pursuing the matter and if all goes well with the situation the project will get a nod soon.”

“So far it is just a proposal that not yet got the nod from the government. The Forest land at Pahadi Shareef area has been identified to ground the project. Collector Rangareddy District Amoy Kumar along with other senior officials have visited the places more than once to ascertain the feasibility of the project. Even the MRO also took stock of the place. The proposal is pending since several months as several officials and staff members here at Jalpally municipality have transferred who are actively pursuing the matter and are well versed about the proposal. If the proposal gets the nod from the government the process then will move on further,” said an official of the Municipality on the condition of anonymity.