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Pune shocker: Spurned suitor attacks college girl with sickle, nabbed

In another chiller, a jilted man attacked his female friend with a sickle after she repeatedly spurned his advances, on a busy road near Sadashiv Peth, barely a stone’s throw away from the Perugate Police outpost, officials said here on Tuesday.

According to police, the 21-year-old victim was riding a pillion on a scooter with a friend along the road when the attacker, identified as Shantanu L. Jadhav, 22, who lay in wait near a temple, accosted them and demanded to speak with her.

When she refused and started to walk away, he whipped out a sickle and brutally attacked her on the arm, while her friend whom he threatened scampered off in the opposite direction, and some other passersby looked on in shock.

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The injured girl tried to push Jadhav, screamed, and started running towards her college but he lunged after her and attacked her at least two more times with the weapon, injuring her on the hand and head.

Just then, another local student, Leshpal Javalage, who was passing by, saw the girl screaming with blood on her clothes running and Jadhav in hot pursuit.

Javalage dropped his bag and chased Jadhav, caught his right hand, and managed to pin him down on the road even as some other passersby gathered strength and rushed to his help.

They later handed over Jadhav to the Sadashiv Peth Police Station which detained him and is investigating the matter, as the incident sent fresh shockwaves in the city and raised fresh questions on women’s safety.

The victim, currently admitted to a nearby hospital, told the police that she was acquainted with Jadhav who had been harassing her for some time but she had rejected his overtures for marriage.

She had also complained to his family members about his pesty behavior but they ignored her pleas and finally, it resulted in the consequences.

Nationalist Congress Party’s Leader of Opposition Ajit Pawar slammed the government for the deteriorating law and order in the state and Pune.

“Pune is known for its cultured image as an academic city but is now having rampant crime. Students are being attacked in broad daylight. The criminals have no fear of the law,” said Pawar.

Taking a swipe at Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Pawar said event the home minister has no time to handle law and order from his political commitments and strongly condemned the incident.









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