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Rahul became colossal resistance force, pushed BJP regime in catch-22 situation: Shravan Garg

Reacting over the outcry of the BJP who is trying to create a narrative against the opposition calling them traitors, foreign toolkit and fifth column playing into the hands of anti national forces, the renowned Hindi Journalist Shravan Garg said, “The exasperation of the BJP was not uncalled for.”

While taking part on a Hindi TV channel over the BJP’s jugular against Rahul Gandhi, Shravan said, “It appears that the Congress baron Rahul Gandhi turned into a gigantic resistance force for the entire BJP regime in the country. He alone put up a tough fight before PM Modi and I think the BJP is failing to confront the stature and honesty of the Congress baron.”

Explaining the second most important reason behind BJP’s outcry, he maintained that “the BJP leaders and sympathizers planted to target Rahul Gandhi have lost their credibility among the public as they keep on talking on every issue criticizing the opposition through different platforms. These leaders include Ravi Shanker Prasad, Anurag Thakur, Piyush Goel and Smirti Irani besides Sambit Patra and Sudhanshu Trivedi who generally appear on TV debates. None of them stand credible among the public while they speak about Rahul as they have been in the battle against the Congress baron for a long time.”

While raising the question that why the Congress expatriates like Jyotiraditya Scindia and Ghulam Nabi Azad was not planted earlier against Rahul Gandhi and let loose now to target him, Shravan Garg said, “BJP’s force from within the establishment has completely failed to face Rahul and devised people from outside who served in Congress for a long and now rubbing shoulders with the saffron fold.”

Reminding that the BJP is facing leadership crisis in Madhya Pradesh these days and speculations are ripening that the saffron party will projected Scindia as party’s CM face, he said, it is against this reason it is important for Scindia to attack Rahul aggressively and he might has moving according to the plan.

Similarly, he said, the case of Ghulam Nabi Azad is not much different then Scindia, as he too is dreaming to become a Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and this is not possible without the support of the BJP ruling in the centre.

“Both these leaders are well aware of the Congress affairs and were considered as congress loyalists. They were planted against Rahul to make people believe their outburst is authenticated. This shows that the BJP brings out the last arrow in living in its quiver against the Congress leader. The BJP will use people who abandoned Congress and join the saffron fold to target against Rahul as the fight entered into a decisive stage owing to assembly and parliament elections in different parts of the country. But the whole situation speaks clearly that the BJP has caught under the catch-22 situation.”