Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Rahul Gandhi Slams Modi Government In Letter Regarding Lack Of Covid 19 Vaccination Strategies and Premature Victory

Amidst the rising crisis and the shortage of Covid vaccinations, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi wrote to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He accused him of not strategizing vaccination distribution and declaring “premature victory”.

Rahul Gandhi Slams PM Modi Regarding Covid, Again

This is the second time that Rahul Gandhi has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the letter he said that another national lockdown is almost inevitable and is the government’s failure. He said that in order to prevent the repetition of last year’s turn of events, the government must make decisions with compassion and provide financial and food support to the “most vulnerable section of people”.

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In the three page letter, Rahul Gandhi said that he is compiled to write the letter again because the country is facing the Covid-19 tsunami. And in times like these, the people of India should be his foremost priority. He further urged him to do everything in his power to help the people in the country.

Gandhi also talked about India’s position in the world with the pandemic. He said that he fears that the double and triple mutants may only be a beginning to something worse. Therefore, it is crucial that the government addresses this issue at priority. Furthermore, he suggested that everyone should be vaccinated as early as possible and the world should know about their findings.

Rahul Gandhi Calls Out Modi Government Against Covid 19 Vaccination 

In the letter, he also said that they have put India under great danger because of their lack of strategy regarding Covid 19 vaccination and declaring victory over the pandemic virus prematurely. This has further led to the pandemic virus spreading exponentially.

The letter comes after India recorded 4.14 lakh fresh cases of Covid 19 in the past 24 hours. This is the highest in a day so far.