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Sonia Gandhi Slams BJP In Inaugural Address At Congress Chintan Shivir

In the latest update, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, in sharp remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it was “agonizingly clear” that his “minimum government, maximum government” strategy implied keeping the country in a super durable condition of polarization, mistreating minorities and undermining political rivals. “Our smooth PM” is quiet while his recuperating contact is generally required, she said at a party “Chintan Shivir” that started at Rajasthan’s Udaipur this evening.

“PM Narendra Modi and his party continue to call for ‘least government, most extreme governance’… It implies keeping the country in an extremely durable condition of polarization, convincing individuals to remain in a steady condition of dread and frailty. It implies violently focusing on, deceiving and abusing minorities who are an essential piece of our general public and equivalent residents of our republic,” Sonia Gandhi asserted.

The Congress chief said that It implies utilizing the general public’s well-established majorities to separate us and undermining a painstakingly supported thought of solidarity and variety. It implies undermining and scaring political adversaries, insulting their standing, imprisoning them on shaky guises utilizing analytical organizations.

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“It implies commending the enemies of Mahatma Gandhi and dissolving from history the work done by leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru. It implies debilitating majority rules government, it implies diversionary strategies and the quietness of articulate PM while his recuperating contact is generally required. It implies isolating society and debilitate our deep-rooted majority and solidarity,” she added.

Asking Congress leaders to banter with a receptive outlook and express their perspectives transparently, Sonia Gandhi expressed changes in the Congress association were the need of great importance and the gathering was about “chintan on public issues as well as significant aatmachintan on the association”.

“Changes in the association are the need of great importance. We want to fundamentally have an impact on the method of our working,” said the Congress chief.





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