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Suspended Punjagutta Inspector Durga Rao Arrested in Andhra Pradesh

Punjagutta Inspector Durga Rao, who was suspended for alleged cooperation with former BRS MLA Shakil Amir, has been apprehended by police in Andhra Pradesh.

The arrest occurred in Guntakal, Anantapur, after Rao apparently went missing for more than a week.

Rao faced suspension after being accused of conspiring with a former MLA to secure the release of Shakil Amir’s son, Rahil Amir, in a drunk driving case. Rahil, who was involved in an accident on December 24, was released following a phone call between Shakil Amir and Inspector Durga Rao. Rahil traveled to Dubai after being released.

Durga Rao’s detention comes after she petitioned the High Court for anticipatory bail. Rao was detained in Andhra Pradesh after police received a tip-off. The inquiry into the matter turned up questionable phone conversations between Rao and Shakil Amir, necessitating more action.

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