Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Team of veterinary officials taste a bitter experience at Barkas

The team of officials that visited the Barkas area under Chandrayangutta in order to serve notices to meat shop owners, has tasted a bitter experience there when the local people led by their leader turn them back.

It is said that a team of veterinary officials along with staff has reached Barkas area today to serve notices to meat shop owners. As they were busy explaining to the traders about the ways to secure a license to run the business, the local leader accompanied with shop owners compounded the officials and questioned their motive.

Trouble begins the moment the team of officials from Veterinary Department stepped into the area as anxious meat shop owners muster the support of the local MIM leader with alacrity who later question the officials move to service notices in the area without prior intimation.

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Sensing trouble over the turn of events at the spot, the officials try to pacify the shop owners and explain that their visit to the area is largely to encourage shop owners in securing the license. The officials even heard saying that the notices are being served only to intimate the shop owners about the requisite procedure of securing the license.

However, not happy with the officials’ narrative  the AIMIM leader Talha Kaseri asked them to leave the place and make it some other day as this way they can’t win over  the traders.

Condemning the knee-jerk move of the officials, Talha Kaseri, AIMIM, GHMC Ward Committee Member Barkas, said, “It is not appropriate to square off the traders and hand them the wish list of rules to procure the license. The traders are making a living by running their business with utmost difficulty that too in a volatile situation arising out of pandemic. If the officials are really serious in helping the traders, they could do so by planning a day with local leaders who will prevail over the shop owner to have their licenses. Out of the blue measures imposing rules will only put the traders into trouble thereby disturbing them mentally.”