Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Telangana Enters Green Zone Within Five Days of Lockdown

 The State has entered the green zone thanks to the reduction in air pollution. The imposition of lockdown has led to the reduction of air pollution. The neighboring AP state has also entered the green zone. The two states have entered the green zone after a long time.

They have achieved good category status in the quality of air. The strict implementation of the lockdown has brought the movements of vehicles on the road to a standstill. The experts are saying that the suspension of other commercial activities along with the nonmovement of the vehicles has brought the desired change in the two states in just two days.

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The imposition of the 3 months Lockdown in the state last year had brought the pollution levels drastically. The wild animal and other birds had also moved freely even in Human habitations. However, the withdrawal of the lockdown led to an increase in the pollution levels in just two days. The pollutions did not register any drop since then. However, the recent lockdown in the state has once again brought pollution levels under control. Several cities of the state have entered the good air quality index due to the drop in the air Pollution levels.

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) is observing the air quality and the status of other pollutants and releasing the air quality index online at regular intervals. It is also revealing the details of the problems to be faced by the people of the state based on the points of the pollution levels.

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According to the fresh figures released by the CPCB, the Air Quality Index (AQI) in the state capital Hyderabad is 29 points, the AQI of Andhra Pradesh state capital  Amaravati is 20 points Rajahmundry 27 points, Tirupathi 43 points Eluru 47 points Vizag 53 points.