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Telangana-Hyderabad Prepare For Unprecedented Rains In Rs 853 Crores Project Before October

Learning from the lessons of last year that wresked on Hyderabad of the unexpected heavy rainfall, the Telangana government has developed a detailed plan to improve the current stormwater drain system in the city.

Telangana Government Receives Rs 853 Clearance

As per the latest reports, the detailed plan released by the government includes remodelling of the current drains and the construction of surplus weirs. The plan has also received a clearance of Rs 853 crores from the state government. It will the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and other municipal bodies.

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The current plan is aimed at being able to prevent the inundation within the low lying areas and to mitigate the areas that are more prone to damage from heavy runs. The state governments have issued orders which directs the officials to ensure the implementation of work and no damage may recur to the low lying areas.

The move comes after the heavy rains that lashed out on Hyderabad in October last year. The rains lasted for over a week. It further led to massive flooding of several low-lying areas which led to huge untold miseries. Around 40,000 families were affected by the heavy rains across the city.

Heaviest rain record was set for 192mm in 2020. Generally, heavy rainfalls in both Telangana and Hyderabad is not a common occurrence especially in October.

The depression over east-central and adjoining north-east Arabian Sea has moved westwards and which centred around 540km south-west of Veraval in Saurashtra, Gujarat and 1,320km east and north-east of Salalah in Oman.

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State Government Sets Up Strstegic Nala Development Programme (SNDP)

Reports suggest that the state government has set up the SNDP to plan, develop and maintain a long lasting storm water drainage system and infrastructure in Hyderbad.

To further fasten the process, the project has been divided into 15 different parts and the tenders will be released soon, as reported by the officials.

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