Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Telangana worker stranded in Dubai due to memory loss

Hyderabad: Telangana Kamareddy Dist, Neela Yellaiah went to Dubai, UAE in 2004 in search of bread and butter. He was working there as a construction worker in a company.  After some time, he left the job and became an irregular resident. For the past 16 years, he has been living in the Dubai and Sharjah areas and doing odd jobs.

In a wake of the Corona pandemic, Rupesh Mehta, a volunteer of ‘Jain Seva Mission’ (JSM) noticed the miserable situation of Neela Yellaiah while distributing free dry ration to distressed migrant workers in Sharjah area. Later Mehta tried to get an emergency certificate (temporary passport) to Yellaiah through the Indian Consulate in Dubai but in vain as the issuance of a temporary passport will be possible only if Yellaiah submits the previous passport details when he entered into the UAE 16 years ago.

Yellaiah has no evidence other than a voter ID card. Rupesh Mehta sought the cooperation of the Pravasi Mithra Labor Union in Telangana to search and consult with his family members to co-operate in gathering evidence in this regard. Representatives of Pravasi Mithra organization called on Rajjavva wife of Yellaiah at Chinthamanpalli village in Domakonda Mandal of Kamareddy District. Along with the representatives of the organization, she called the Passport officer at the Passport office in Hyderabad. His wife handed over a letter and sought him to find out the database of the passport number and other details issued in Hyderabad before 2004 in the name of her husband Neela Yellaiah.

On the occasion, Yellaiah’s wife Rajavva said that when her husband went to Dubai 16 years ago, her daughter Sunanda was a few months old breastfeeding baby. She explained that she had raised her daughter by doing daily wage labor. Her daughter got married and had a baby boy now. She begged the authorities to bring her husband from Dubai to India as earliest as possible.