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Trump and Gop at Crossroads Following Acquittance from Impeachment

Trump acquitted in impeachment following capitol riots, Trump supporters forcefully entered the capitol building and wreaked havoc, One police officer was killed by the mob who broke the public barriers and broke national heritage Former POTUS Donald Trump and the Grand Old Party (GOP) are again at a crossroad after he was acquitted in his second impeachment case.

The impeachment which came as a result of the January 6th riot had many dozens of Trump supporters forcefully entered the US National Capitol Building, and threatened lawmakers, and even broke windows.

One police officer was allegedly killed by the mob also, one US military veteran was found to be shot dead by the police while suppressing the riot. The Democrats accused then-President Donald Trump of instigating and eventually causing the riot when he was giving a speech and urged the protesters to organize a march to the National Capitol Building.

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The Senate had acquitted Trump after tallying the votes on the charges of inciting the riot, with some of the lawmakers of Trump’s own party voting in favor of impeaching him. The Senate had voted 57-43 to convict, but the voting had fallen short of the required two-thirds.

This was the very first time in US national history that a President was impeached twice, first while holding ffice and then again after he had left the White House.

It currently remains unknown as to what impact the impeachment would have on the Republican Party and on Trump’s ability to run for the Presidency in the 2024 elections.

Christopher Galdieri who is the assistant professor at Saint Anselm College has said that the second impeachment had deepened the fissures in the Grand Old Party.

GOP committees of the states of North Carolina and Louisiana had censured two of their very own senators from voting against Donald Trump during the impeachment vote.

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Trump had released a statement on Tuesday directly attacking the Senate minority leader Senator Mitch McConnell, arguing that if the Republican senators are going to stay with the Senator, they would not win again.

The impeachment however does not appear to have even attempted to hurt Trump with his base, which still remains loyal to him, owing to sharp divisions that he made which reflected the persistent partisan fissures within the nation.

Clay Ramsay who is a researcher at the Centre for international and security studies at the University of Maryland, had said that perhaps the most important impact of the impeachment had been to create a clear division in the Congress between those who would be staying loyal to Trump and those who aren’t, especially the other Republicans.