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Two Andhra policemen caught smuggling ‘Ganja’ in Hyderabad

Two policemen of Andhra Pradesh have been caught smuggling ‘Ganja’ in Hyderabad on Friday, an official said.

The Cyberabad Police arrested the policemen belonging to Andhra Pradesh Special Police (APSP) in Bachupally on the outskirts of the city.

Head constable Sagar Patnaik and constable Srinivas of third battalion of APSP were allegedly transporting 22 kg Ganja.

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Acting on a tip-off, the Special Operations Team of Balanagar intercepted a car and it found policemen transporting the narcotic.

The policemen were on leave on the grounds of ill health and were planning to earn some money by transporting Ganja from Narsipatnam to Bachupally.

The police seized 11 packets of Ganja, each weighing 2 kg. A police officer said further investigations were on.

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