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Raid Uncovers Illegal Supply of Ganja-Laced Chocolates in Rangareddy

During a raid on Monday night, the Prohibition and Excise team in the Rangareddy area seized a sizable amount of chocolates laced with ganja. Excise police carried out the operation at a residence in Kokapet after receiving a tip, discovering chocolates that a criminal gang had transported into the city from Odisha.

It has been stated that workers, students, and software professionals purchased the confiscated chocolates. In order to learn additional details about the illicit enterprise, the excise officials are questioning the people who were taken into custody during the raid. Under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS Act), a case has been filed.

This incident comes after Kothur police arrested a group of laborers last year for peddling chocolates laced with ganja to schoolchildren. To protect the public and stop the distribution of illegal substances, the authorities are constantly on the lookout for such unlawful activity.

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