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UAE’s First Female Farmer Amna Khalifa Al Qemzi Cultivates Grapes, Watermelon in Desert

Amna Khalifa Al Qemzi, the UAE’s first female farmer, embarked on her journey decades ago when she sent nine baskets filled with fruits and vegetables from her backyard to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE’s founding father. Impressed by her talent, the then ruler of Abu Dhabi granted her a farm to continue her agricultural efforts.

Today, Al Qemzi is recognized as a trailblazer in organic agriculture. She recently received the Abu Dhabi Award from President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed for promoting environmental sustainability and sharing her knowledge with the community.

Over the years, Al Qemzi has cultivated a variety of crops, including tomatoes, grapes, figs, watermelon, and red chili. She sourced seeds from around the world and successfully grew them in the UAE, expanding her farming beyond the winter months into summer.

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Her passion for agriculture began as a hobby during the era of Sheikh Shakhbut bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the twelfth ruler of Abu Dhabi. Her successful harvest of watermelon seeds impressed the ruler, who acknowledged her achievements.

Starting with a corner of her family’s yard, Al Qemzi expanded her farming enterprise, eventually cultivating a wide range of crops. Inspired by her produce, Sheikh Zayed registered a farm for her.

Al Qemzi encouraged others to embrace farming, regardless of the size of their land. She believes that seeing one’s harvest brings joy. Ibrahim Al Hashmi of the Sultan bin Ali Al Owais Culture Foundation described her as a symbol of “history, authenticity, giving, and generosity.”

Saeed Al Remeithi, co-founder of The Organic Farm, sees Al Qemzi as a pioneer who brought seeds from different countries and planted them in the UAE, breaking norms. Her pioneering spirit has inspired many young farmers and enthusiasts in the UAE.

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