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UP girl killed by family allegedly for wearing jeans; body found hanging off bridge

In a shocking incident from Uttar Pradesh, a young girl was found dead, her body hanging from a bridge. The 17-year-old was allegedly murdered by her grandfather and 2 uncles. They tried dumping the body in the river by throwing it off the bridge but it remained suspended for several hours.  

Though the cops haven’t disclosed the reason for the girl’s murder, her aunt claimed the accused objected to the victim’s “lifestyle” and had issues with it.  

The body that hooked onto the bridge railing and hung between Monday evening to Tuesday night was spotted by locals. Videos show bystanders looking at the dreadful scenario in shock. Police can be seen inspecting the area while another, with the help of a local man, try to retrieve the body.  

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According to reports, the girl had recently come to her paternal house in Deoria with her mother. The girl’s father, who earns as a migrant worker in Punjab, had questioned the victim over her jeans outfit the day she was killed, the mother said.  

 When she left for the temple to do pooja as she was fasting that day, she was attacked by the accused with sticks. The mourning mother added that the men said they “were taking her away to get medical aid but threw her off the bridge.” 

Speaking to the media about the horrific tale of the day, the girl’s aunt said, “These people always had a problem with the lifestyle of the girl and her family. They were jealous of what the family ate, what they wore. They assaulted the girl with a rod.” 

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The victim’s condition deteriorated following the attacks and she eventually got serious. The accused then told her mother that they were taking her to the hospital for treatment. However, they chose to throw her off the bridge, which was on the way to the hospital, the aunt further said.  

In a video statement released by the UP police, Deoria’s police chief Sripati Mishra said they are probing the case. The girl’s grandfather has been arrested, though the 2 accused uncles are on the run and yet to be found, as per reports as the cops haven’t said it record.  

The police chief, however, claimed that the girl had abused her grandfather during an argument with him. She got unconscious after two of her uncles attacked her. They allegedly “were taking her to a hospital but she died on the way”. The body of stuck on the bridge while they were attempting to dump it in the river, Mishra said.