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UP Women’s Commission Member Blames Girls Using Mobile Phones For Rape

Uttar Pradesh State Women’s Commission recently released a shocking statement. The statement said that mobile phones encourage rape.

State Women Commission Distances from Meena Kumari 

Meena Kumar, a member of the UP Women Commission recently blamed mobile phones for rapes. She said that the girls talk on mobile phones and then run away with the boys. She said it during a Mahila Jansunwai in Aligarh and appealed to the parents to take the mobile phones of their daughters away.

She also said that the parents, especially mothers, should monitor their daughters further, blaming “their carelessness” for crime against women. She said that she listens to the grievances of more than twenty women on a daily basis. And at least are five to seven cases are about girl’s friendships with boys over cellphones and their after-effects.

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Kumari further said that the girls get lured to a place and then are sexually assaulted. She also emphasized the use of phones to watch inappropriate content.

Soon after the statement, the State Women’s Commission has distanced itself from Kumari’s statement.

Vice-Chairperson of the Commission, Anju Chaudhary said that the statement (released by Meena Kumari) was uncalled for. And said that taking their cell phones will not help in reducing sexual violence against women. Further, instead of taking their phones, girls should be taught to not to talk to strangers and educate them about safe use of the mobile phone.

Meena Kumari Rectifies Her Statement After UP Women Commission’s Action 

Soon after the statement was released, Meena Kumar rectified it and said that her statement was for the minor girls and girls from villages who don’t know about using mobile phones the right way.

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Kumari is a leader and member of the Uttar Pradesh State Women’s Commission. She was elected twice as a Zila panchayat member from Aligarh.